Embella is an injectable medicine used to eliminate fat, especially the unwanted fat under your chin. It contains the active substance deoxycholic acid which is produced naturally in your body to aid the digestion of your fats.

Product Information

Embella is a clear, colorless and sterile solution for injection. Embella contains a non-human, non-animal version of deoxycholic acid which is identical to naturally occurring deoxycholic acid. Each carton contains 4 vials (Type I glass with a bromobutyl rubber stopper, aluminum seal and polypropylene flip-top lid). And each vial contains 2 ml solution for injection.

Important Safety Information

Avoid using the medicine if you are allergic to any substances of it or deoxycholic acid. Avoid using Embella if you have any infection in chin or neck area. Talk to your doctor before each injection session and inform them about any illness or previous surgery like scarring, liposuction, swallowing difficulty, enlargement of the thyroid or lymph glands you may have. Avoid using the injection for children and adolescents. Talk to your doctor if you take or have recently taken other medicines. Talk to your doctor or nurse about using Embella during or before pregnancy or breast-feeding, because the effects have not been studied yet. Talk to your doctor, if you are under sodium control diet. Avoid using Embella, if you are obese or suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. Talk to your doctor or nurse, if any uncommon side effects appears.